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Family Mediation

Family mediation offers a constructive pathway for families to address and resolve conflicts. LM Law Solutions specializes in facilitating conversations, aiming for resolution without court intervention in Brisbane.

What Is Family Mediation?

It’s a structured process where a neutral third-party mediator helps families in addressing and resolving disputes. This approach can involve various areas such as divorce mediation, mediation for children, and the family court mediation process.

By facilitating open communication and mutual understanding, mediation fosters amicable solutions and strengthen family bonds, even in times of disagreement.

Benefits Of Family Mediation

In general, mediation can reduce divorce costs as it’s often less expensive than going to court. It is a more flexible process, and it can reduce the emotional toll of conflict. 

Additionally, it allows parties to maintain more control over their resolution and the process for getting there. The parties remain in charge of the outcome, and they are more likely to comply with a mediated result than with a judgment or an arbitration award.

Family Mediation

Types Of Mediation

Our family law lawyers are prepared to represent parties in different types of mediations facilitated by a qualified mediator.  These include: 

  • Formal mediation: where a professional mediator guides the discussion.
  • Shuttle mediation: used for parties where there are allegation of family violence and that party does not feel safe in the same roof as the other party.
  • Child-inclusive mediation: to ensure the voices of younger family members are heard.

Our Family Mediation Services

As family lawyers in Brisbane, we will guide you through the whole process and facilitate the negotiation of disputes. Our services include:

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

Joint Mediation Session 

Mediation Documentation

Empowering Parties

Negotiation and Agreement

Follow-Up and Review

We understand that each family is unique and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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Legal Accreditation

Laura Muccitelli holds a Masters of Laws (Applied Law) majoring in family law and is also a registered member of the family law section of the Law Council of Australia.

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The Family Mediation Process In Australia

The flow of events the process looks like this:

mediation process_2

The process starts with an initial assessment to understand the conflict and determine the suitability of mediation. This is followed by a preparation phase where parties identify issues and gather relevant information. Then, follows the mediation sessions, facilitated by a neutral mediator, aiming to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Upon reaching an agreement, a written document is drafted, and additional resources or support services are provided as needed.

Types of Disputes Resolved

At LM Family Law Solutions, our skilled lawyers are adept at navigating a spectrum of disputes. We can help you resolve issues related to child custody, financial arrangements, property division, and more. Our focus is always on achieving fair and equitable solutions that uphold the well-being of all parties involved.

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What Our Clients Say

Elizabeth Greenbury
Elizabeth Greenbury
Laura is very knowledgeable in family law. Her fees are reasonable and I am very happy with the result. Thank you Laura!
Phillip G
Phillip G
Very knowledgeable and professional. Laura is a pleasure to work with. Thank you highly recommended.
Annette De La Cruz
Annette De La Cruz
Very professional. Laura's sound advice and technical expertise were second to none.

Why Choose LM Family Law Solutions?

Working with our family lawyers will benefit you through this challenging period.

Experts In Child Support​

Experts In Family Mediation

With more than 20 years of experience in family law in Brisbane, our team ensures that you receive expert guidance and support throughout the mediation process.

Child-Centric Approach​

Focus on Children’s Well-Being

Children’s well-being is paramount in our mediation services. We work diligently to develop parenting plans and resolutions that prioritize the best interests and emotional stability of the children involved.

Fair Treatment For Parents​

Client-Centric Approach

At the heart of our practice is a commitment to our clients. We prioritize your needs, concerns, and well-being, ensuring a supportive and empathetic environment from consultation to resolution.

Comprehensive Legal Services​

Comprehensive Legal Services

With us you have a family lawyer who can walk you through the entire mediation process.

Personalised Assistance

No two families are the same. We offer tailored advice and support, ensuring a legal solution that fits your unique situation.

A Trusted Name In Brisbane​

A Trusted Name In Brisbane

Rooted in Brisbane, we’ve built a reputation as reliable and dedicated family meditation lawyers, always ready to serve our community.

If you are seeking expert legal advice, contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It might be time for family mediation when communication breaks down, conflicts escalate, or specific issues like child custody or financial arrangements remain unresolved. Seeking for this service can prevent further escalation and provide a neutral environment for exploring solutions, ultimately contributing to sustainable outcomes for all involved.

At LM Family Law Solutions, maintaining confidentiality is a top priority. We keep strong privacy standards, ensuring that all discussions, disclosures, and documents shared during the mediation process are kept confidential.  communication between all parties involved.